Standing Apart

How we specialize to better serve you!

In-kind Restoration

We source the best materials to closest match the original and comply with Historic Preservation regulations. We are knowledgable about where, when, and why certain materials are used in preference to others.

Our Experience

Team members boast over 10 years of strong experience in historic restoration, trim carpentry, cabinetry, high end painting, and fine woodworking so we can accurately asses and execute our work for you!

Competitive Rates

In our mission to preserve the Historic communities of this great Nation we offer competitive rates, free estimates, and warranty options to save you money while still providing great service from specialized craftsmen.


Lead paint is almost always present in historic homes so we are certified in lead paint removal to protect you, your families, and our team members. On-site work is meticulously cleaned at the end of each day.

Our Bread and Butter

We specialize primarily in historic window restoration and maintenance. From making a painted shut window function again to rebuilding an entire window as an exact copy from In-Kind materials, we do it all on site at your home or business. You are never left with an insecure opening overnight, nor are you boarded up for a month as we meticulously service your windows, one by one. We also restore metal windows!

When God Shuts a Window, He Opens a Door!

From historic, 100 year old doors to newer solid wood doors we refinish them all! From touch ups to color changes to paint and varnish switches, we deliver results that get your neighbor's attention and lasts for years to come! We also fabricate, install, and finish custom wood doors, whether you want a classic panel door, an arched door, or one of your own design! We can service or replace old door hardware too!

Mixing Up Our Work to Stay Young of Mind

As many of our team members possess creative minds we create custom tables, decorative boxes, cutting boards, knife racks/blocks, stands, and benches to provide work diversity. For these projects we work closely with you to discover your needs and design a custom piece that always showcases the beautiful nature of wood. These projects tend to take 1-2 months to complete as they are worked on during days when we finish early or have a day before beggining the next job.

Educating You! The Homeowner

All of our clients rely on our expertise and knowledge in some manner, otherwise we wouldn't have a job. There are often multiple solutions for one problem, and we enjoy teaching others about all available options. Whether it is a verbal explanation or some hands on teaching, we like to share our knowledge so you feel confident and happy living in your home. Our relationship doesn't end just because the job did, and our phones are always open to answer questions that google can't!

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